Technology helping cheaters stay ahead of the game

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Technology helping cheaters stay ahead of the game.
Technology helping cheaters stay ahead of the game.
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Technology keeps changing the way we live faster than we can blink. You feel compelled to change your cellphone every 18 months or so as the old model becomes redundant or a new model comes out with better safety and security features to hide and safeguard your videos and pictures so that you don't end up 'Gigaba-ring' yourself in case of a leak - as the minister dearly found out when he became an unwitting porn star.

With changing technology and many overzealously getting into online shopping, using e-wallet, getting an Uber app to tell your loved ones your ETA (estimated time of arrival), I just heard how this has opened up possibilities of cheats getting away with murder.

Apparently cellphones, iPads and the services and apps they provide to ease our lives have required that the guide to cheating be updated.

Now the new volume has got a few tricks to specifically help cheaters up their game.

Gone are the days when they would be caught with receipts in their pockets. The era of e-receipts has eliminated that. I hear rich married men can now comfortably book family holidays with both wifey and mistress and, wait for it, even on the same flight.

Using a different credit card, he only needs a few minutes online to book a seat in economy for the conspiring mistress, while wifey and the pigeon pair are snuggled in business class. I know of a case where a brazen man even booked the same hotel for the side chic.

The family was ensconced in one of those executive suites on the 34th floor and mistress on the 20th floor. This enabled him to satisfy both mistress and family that festive season as he occasionally snuck out for a "round of golf ".

He boasted to his friends how he was able to carry out this slick operation with the help of Uber, e-wallet and so on. If side chic went shopping by herself, they video-called each other as she sashayed in fitting rooms tantalising him with new lingerie purchases. His Uber app was on call to take her to check out local attractions.

A male friend agrees that the e-wallet, which has since been dubbed the Mavuso wallet, has been a great help to transfer money to his side-chic without having to worry that some paper trail left in his jacket pocket could someday come back to haunt him.

His favourite feature on the Uber is the ETA that you can share. He says it always makes him feel better to learn that his side chic has arrived safely home and that technology has saved him the responsibility to drive her home.

But the coin can also be flipped by the other side to use technology to track their lover's movements or, in extreme cases, stalk them with fake accounts on social media platforms. Not to mention the dreaded revenge porn that has seen many spurned lovers having the power to extort money or humiliate their exes by leaking nude images or videos taken in happier times.

Whether with the aid of technology or not, the hardest job for all cheats it to always be three steps ahead so as not to get caught.

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