Time has come to save SA

FILE PICTURE: A worker passes hundreds of South African flags.
FILE PICTURE: A worker passes hundreds of South African flags.
Image: Halden Krog © The Times

A hallmark of a failed state is the collapse of the rule of law.

While in totality SA can in no way be said to be anywhere near fitting the description or being well on its way, the total disregard for authority often seen should be cause for concern.

Almost daily, social media and other traditional platforms are awash with examples of shocking incidents of violence in hitherto sacrosanct spaces such as the classroom.

Video clippings of teachers assaulting pupils, pupils assaulting teachers and pupil-on-pupil violence are a dime a dozen, laying bare the general debauchery of a once sacred space to which society sent its young in pursuit of a better tomorrow for all concerned.

The saying goes that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The question is how did we end up here? Many may well dismiss the link between petty disrespect for authority and the shocking depths of lawlessness to which we have sunk.

Add to that the examples set by those in positions of authority and, before you know it, you are on a slippery slope with no chance of sliding into reverse gear.

Fortunately, as the people of this country, we can still pull ourselves back towards ourselves and save the situation.

We have faced even more daunting challenges and out of sheer willpower pulled through. The enemy today might not be as pronounced as that which we faced when we pulled off the
so-called miracle of the Mandela years, but a collective effort is needed. As South Africans, we can't just fold our arms and allow lawlessness to be the the order of the day.

Our once beautiful country has become a haven for unruliness, crime and corruption. We are no longer taken aback by any news of lawlessness in SA.

So, the news yesterday about four prison officials arrested for helping an inmate escape when he was transported to hospital for a check-up did not surprise us.

Such is one of the many news stories that we are subjected to almost on a daily basis.

The time is opportune, if not long overdue, for all law-abiding citizens of this once beautiful country to work together in fighting the scourge of crime, corruption and violence that have rendered SA a failed country.