PAC won't watch while women and children are raped

27 September 2018 - 10:22
By Kenneth Mokgatlhe
PAC won't watch while women and children are raped says the writer.
Image: Stock PAC won't watch while women and children are raped says the writer.

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) condemns all the rape incidents taking place in our country. We are so appalled and flabbergasted by the rate at which women and children are being targeted and raped.

What is triggering our anger is that our people are now being raped in restaurants, churches, schools, universities and all places that were deemed sacred.

The PAC calls for the National Summit of Men Opposing Rape (NSMOR). We strongly believe that the situation has reached a level where everyone should get involved to try and stop the evil that we see daily in our society.

We are not going to sit back and fold our arms while people are being brutally raped and killed.

People have come to romanticise rape and sexual harassments to an extent of being led by monsters and predators themselves. People are not ashamed to support and defend the perpetrators because they stand to benefit materially. We cannot allow our value systems to be compromised as we would lose direction.

The summit would be piloted to every community where PAC exists, we want this programme to be heeded across party allegiance, it's a programme intended to address our immediate crises where everyone has a role to play.

We believe that men should lead this programme because they are the perpetrators of sexual harassment in all or most cases.

The summit is aimed at the community being able to identify both perpetrators and victims. We want to help victims of rape and sexual harassment as well as ensuring that the pressure is placed on perpetrators to face the full might of the law.

We do not care as to how much influence the offender holds, we want to see them made to account.

There have been many summits and seminars on sexual harassment and rape but the results are little to show of, these conventions have in the past included females and children only. The PAC is calling for a summit where men will take a lead because they are the lasting solution to the quagmire we are facing. Men should decide to stop terrorising women.

We cannot expect police to stop "madmen" from sexually assaulting our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and aunts, it's too much to expect from our police. We must now stand up and reclaim our role as fathers and protect our sisters and daughters because we owe it to them.

The case of former president Jacob Zuma and former Cosatu secretary-general Zwelinzima Vavi signals how we have always defended sexual predators because of the power they hold in society. Everyone wants to defend mediocrity in order to benefit materially without caring about the stolen dignity of the victim.

We also applaud all the men and women who took part in the #ShutDownCapeTown recently to reclaim back their communities from the gangsters. Our communities are havens to criminals such that children need bodyguards when playing in parks.

We cannot continue to live like this in our own country.