People's sex lives are their business, just mind yours

The writer disapproves of people meddling in the sex life of two consenting adults.
The writer disapproves of people meddling in the sex life of two consenting adults.

I have no idea what we have done to deserve the monster that is social media and it's probably too late to wonder, it is here and has seeped into many aspects of society.

In fact, seeing how much our very traditional media content is constantly influenced by conversations on social media, I may say it has reached all corners of society.

There seems to be people who have chosen themselves judge and jury on morality. There is a nasty trait of airing people's private sex lives, all under the guise of "we are helping". What we know is that this is an attempt to police people's lives, as well as shaming them into a kind of morality.

"The bubble that has been expanding and expanding all in the name of morality is now deflating and we should allow the universe to just be. The lesson to learn is we should allow people to live their truth and not judge them or their desires because they end up hiding their true selves."

This is a message my cousin, Tebogo, sent me recently following another public lynching after "sexcapade files" were released.

Her message has stayed with me, especially because for the longest time I have been consciously rebelling against what is deemed moral and what isn't.

If I want to sleep with someone that wants to sleep with me, why is it a cause for shame? One might argue that it becomes problematic if there are lies involved. And I agree.

But no one would need to lie if people had not been raised to believe they can only sleep with one type of person or under a certain "social construction". A construct like marriage and its laughable monogamy are clearly no longer enough to keep people chained in morality, especially where sex is concerned.

What is also laughable is how the world insists on scandalising sex. When people look to bring down a prominent person or cause a whirlwind of scandal around them, it's always sex they go for.

For example, take the president of this country. He has had the Marikana issue hanging around his head for years now, but he only really humbled himself when he was faced with a "sex scandal".

This is not a crucifixion of the president, he was just the nearest example I could find, and lord knows I have my own sins.

Men lost lives, children lost fathers, and women lost their husbands and while the president wasn't charged and or convicted, I didn't see him do as much explaining as he did over the alleged sex scandal.

I am sorry but I am not the type of girl that goes around apologising for doing the one natural thing my body knows how to do. Like my cousin says, what we really need to get rid of are these steep moral obligations. Allow consenting adults to choose what to do with their bodies and find new ways of becoming social media influencers.

If people want to sleep with people of the same sex, it is their choice, if they want to sleep with people in exchange for money, their business. Mind your own genitals please.

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