Crack the whip, Cyril, clean up the rot in the ruling party

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.
Cyril Ramaphosa Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.
Image: REUTERS/Mike Hutchings/File Photo

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa delivered a message of hope on Saturday.

He set the tone on how he wants to turn the ANC around so that it can go back to its former glory days.

His message was well received by ANC supporters and ordinary South Africans who packed the East London stadium.

However, if he wants to deliver on his message he has to choose wisely leaders to serve with him both in the ANC and in government.

Already his national executive committee (NEC), the highest decision-making body in between conferences, is full of dodgy leaders.

It has leaders that supported the corrupt Gupta family as well as doing dodgy deals with them.

These leaders did not support Ramaphosa’s presidential bid last year because are compromised due to stealing from government.

Ramaphosa has to make sure he is surrounded by leaders who share his vision, and are committed to cleaning up the ANC.

He has to flood the national working committee (NWC) with sober leaders to support his vision.

He also has to be strategic on the selection of those that will serve as chairpersons of the NEC subcommittees.

As much as the NWC does not make decisions but oversees the day-to- day running of the ANC, it makes recommendations to the NEC for it to take decisions.

President Jacob Zuma must go. He is yesterday’s man .

That was also made clear by the ANC supporters at the stadium on Saturday when they booed him several times.

South Africans, and not only ANC members, want Zuma recalled – like yesterday. This is because of several corruption allegations against him and the ministers who have supported his illegal methods and his stealing from government. They must all face the law.

The ministers that are under-performing have to be recalled too.

But also, Ramaphosa has to make sure ministers he chooses are hard- working.

Yesterday, in an interview with television channel eNCA, Ramaphosa said Zuma was an ANC deployee in government and would have to accept direction from the ANC. With this statement, Ramaphosa has made it clear he is in charge.

Ramaphosa has also not yet acted on the court decision that he should appoint the head of the NPA since Zuma is conflicted.

The security cluster is another unit in government that needs the attention of Ramaphosa.

Under Zuma’s presidency it has been paralysed by the appointment of incompetent people incapable of prosecuting wrong-doers despite damning evidence put before them.

I agree with Ramaphosa and other leaders that the ANC has to unite; that leaders have to work together in building unity.

But the ANC cannot unite with wrong-doers. It has to get rid of crooks, those that steal from the poor. It needs to unite with leaders that will not be factional, but ready to implement ANC policies in government. Those concerned about increasing their bank balances have to leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise you are wasting your time, Mr Ramaphosa, if you fail to get rid of these crooks. 

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