Stop relying on men for roll-ons and weaves

Maditaba Columnist
The writer says young women should not rely on men to buy them necessities.
The writer says young women should not rely on men to buy them necessities.
Image: 123rf/ Diego Cervo

Madi is starting off the week with what happened on Gagasi FM last Friday.

Of course Madi wasn't tuned in as she had better things to do, but the audio clip has been circulating around social media.

So just to sum it up, a guy called the radio station to propose to his girlfriend, Sne.

The station called her, but some guy who claimed to be her "real" boyfriend answered.

Turns out she had been playing them for over three years, making them pay her rent, clothes and cellphone.

You know, women like Sne make Madi regret being a feminist.

Madi cannot believe that in a time where female empowerment is at its peak, there are still women who depend solely on men's handouts, and worse, rolling on a dirty mattress to get them.

Madi really doesn't care about Sne's double crossing because let's face it, men have been doing it to us for centuries. But girl, the lowest form of woman is one whose weave, roll-on and sanitary towels were all bought by a man's money.

Let's move along swiftly.


Bathong, can we for once not hear anything about leaked exam papers!

What happened to putting in hard work and reaping the rewards?

Besides, what kind of adult sells leaked exam papers, and how do they feel about themselves when they sleep at night?

No, people.

Let's try to reverse the moral degeneration in our country asseblief!

Madi got an invite to Jub Jub's new single listening session at Electromode studio in Epsom Downs, Sandton.

Madi was in a charitable mood, so she went to check out the former prisoner.

Surprisingly, the single, Awesome God, is pretty good.

Madi just questions his choice to be in the entertainment industry again. I mean after your ordeal Mr Jub, Madi would have thought you would open a shisanyama in Nelspruit somewhere and move on with your life.

But, the heart wants what the heart wants, I guess.

Nevertheless, Madi is so proud of the 360 turnaround he seemingly has made since bidding stomach-churning prison food goodbye. He really seems like he wants to improve his life, and Madi wishes him all the luck in the world.