Cobra bites chef 20 minutes AFTER head was cut off

A chef's unusual meal choice came back to bite him, twenty minutes after its head was chopped off.

According to the Mirror, the Indochinese spitting cobra clamped down on chef Peng Fan's hand, injecting him with a fatal shot of venom.

Peng was reportedly tossing the cobra head into the trash when it came back to bite him, authorities said.

The added that diners who were eating at the restaurant during the headless snake attack recall hearing sudden screams echoing from the kitchen. One of these diners, Lin Sun, described what happened next:

“We were in the restaurant having a meal for my wife’s birthday when suddenly there was a lot of commotion. There were calls for a doctor in the restaurant but unfortunately by the time medical assistance arrived the man had already died. After we heard that we did not continue with our meal.”