Bride set on fire by groom after cheating on wedding day

A bride's moment of indiscretion led to the loss of her life.

According to the Dailymail, the bride was doused with alcohol and set on fire by her new husband after he found out that she had slept with her ex-lover on their wedding night.

The 27-year-old Veronika Filippova died after suffering burns to 80 percent of her body.

Filippova had reportedly slept with her ex as an act of revenge after her husband Ivan Kuzmin, 30, fell asleep drunk at their wedding reception.

She then decided to confess everything to her husband after being overcome with guilt.

Kuzmin allegedly reacted by dousing her with neat alcohol before setting her on fire with a cigarette lighter.

'He set her on fire when she was sleeping, pouring alcohol on her and our Veronica is gone,' one of Filippova's relatives reportedly wrote in an online posting.

He confessed to murder after being arrested by police in Volgograd in southern Russia.

Filippova was the mother of a ten-year-old boy whom she had with her first husband.