Man with 69 kids and 12 wives in bitter divorce row

Zimbabwean Peter Remi Gore (61) was dragged before court by one of his 69 children’s mothers this week.

According to, one of Gore’s 12 wives decided to file for divorce from her husband and claim alimony payments following the couple’s separation earlier this year.

Sethekele Gore (53) reportedly cited the irretrievable break-down of her marriage as the reason for the divorce, adding that there were o prospects of a future reconciliation between them.

The mother of seven now wants her business mogul husband to continue paying for the lifestyle she had become accustomed to as his wife.

Amongst her demands, Sethekele reportedly wants ‘a personal maintenance of US$1,150 until she dies or remarries as well as ‘US$1,950 after every three months for her welfare and upkeep’.

"Your Worship, all I want is for you to grant me a degree of divorce. I am no longer interested in the relationship despite Peter's vast wealth which he claims to be pampering me with. All I want is peace in my life," quoted her saying in court.

The husband however is hoping for a second chance with his wife and has asked for some time to sort out their differences.

The matter was postponed to 17 February and the couple was ordered to get some counseling in the meantime.

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