Deadliest prison fires in history

SOME of deadliest prison fires around the world:

April 21 1930 - 322 killed at Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio, after fire starts on a scaffolding. Most died of smoke inhalation when breakdown in command kept guards from unlocking cell doors. Worst prison fire in US history.

February 15 2012 - 272 confirmed dead, with the possibility of 300 or more killed, in fire at Comayagua prison in Honduras.

March 7 2005 - 136 male inmates killed in Higuey, Dominican Republic, after a prison fight in which inmates set beds on fire.

Prisoners accused of jamming cell locks and killing others trying to escape.

January 3 1994 - 108 people die after inmates set fire in Sabaneta prison in Venezuela.

April 5 2003 - 86 prisoners die in fires set during riot at El Porvenir prison farm outside La Ceiba, Honduras.

May 17 2004 - 104 inmates killed at dilapidated, overcrowded prison in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Police said the fire was started by short circuit-sparked explosion.

December 8 2010 - 81 killed in fire begun during prison riot at San Miguel prison in Santiago, Chile.

September 15 2003 - 67 inmates dead in worst prison fire in Saudi Arabian history, at maximum security al-Hair Prison near Riyadh.

November 1 2002 - 50 inmates killed in fire at overcrowded Sidi Moussa Prison in coastal town of El Jadida, Morocco. Authorities blamed an electrical short circuit for Morocco's worst prison fire.

September 20 2002 - 30 male inmates die at La Vega prison in Dominican Republic after mattresses are set ablaze during riot set off by a surprise weapons inspection. - Sapa-AP