Cops shoot woman to stop her from stabbing her daughter

Police officers were called out to a home in Atlanta after an 8-year-old boy was thrown out of a window - only to find a more gruesome scenario, where a little girl was being stabbed by her mother.

Police officers say she didn’t comply with orders to stop stabbing her young daughter, who also died.

Atlanta Police spokesman, Maj. Keith Meadows says the mother was alone inside the home with her young daughter. He said officers entered the house and found the mother sitting in a chair, stabbing the child.

Two officers ordered the woman to stop what she was doing, and drop the knife to the floor. After failing to comply with these orders, the cops fired at her with their service weapons. Meadows reveals that there were between 10 and 16 shots fired in the woman's direction.

According to, the Neighbor Lela Smith told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the family had lived in the home about a year and a half. She said the child who died was nearly 5 years old. The mother’s name was not immediately released.

Charles Harris, a neighbour, told, that the family's financial problems are the reason for the brutal assaults.

He believed that the woman was delirious, saying, "I think she just snapped because she was by my house yesterday, saying nine demons came out of her, that she had been possessed".

Police spokesman Carlos Campos said the little girl died at the scene and the 8-year-old boy was hospitalised in a stable condition with minor injuries.

A motive for the killing was unknown and police are questioning if the daughter had been struck by a bullet.

Campos said the officers involved in the shooting will be placed on a routine administrative leave during the investigation.