Woman’s butt injected with cement for enhancement

A self proclaimed doctor injected a woman's buttocks with a mix of toxins and sealed it up with glue, when she went in for a buttocks enhancement surgery

Police had reported that Oneal Ron Morris "injected a concoction of “fix-a-flat’’ — cement, mineral oil and Super Glue — into the woman’s buttocks", according to the Miami Herald.

After getting herself to three different hospitals, the woman, who is unnamed at this point, due to medical privacy laws had finally been given the reason for her medical anomaly - after doctors finally figured out the cause of her pneumonia-like symptoms and large, infected welts on her butt.

She is currently recovering.

Police caught up with the shady “doctor,’’  on Friday - a transgender woman.  Oneal Ron Morris was charged with practicing medicine without a license and causing bodily harm.

It is suspected that the 'buttock enhancer doctor' is part of an underground network of scam artists who have been offering “pumping parties” and home buttocks augmentations for years which led to some deadly cases.

Source: Miami Herald