Boy drinks from cow for milk SEE THE PHOTOS

His parents left him to go look for work, so he feeds himself


An 18-month-old Cambodian boy has suckled milk directly from a cow, daily, for more than a month.

He is in fine health, the child’s grandfather says.     

The boy, Tha Sophat, made international headlines after his grandfather revealed he had been feeding himself directly from a cow since July when a storm destroyed his home storm and his parents left for Thailand to find work.     

After he stopped breast-feeding from his mother, the boy became ill, said the 46-year-old grandfather.      

But the boy watched a calf nurse from its mother, and began to do the same thing, feeding directly from the cow each day, Um Oeung added.

When the grandfather pulled him away, the boy cried, so he let him continue, Um Oeung told Reuters.      

Neighbours and local officials in the village of Pheas in Siem Reap province, about 315km (195 miles) from the capital Phnom Penh, say they are not happy about the nursing.     

“They blame me and have told me not to allow him to suckle from the cow anymore.

“They say the boy will be ashamed when he grows up and that he will be naughty,” he said.      

Since Saturday, he has limited the suckling to once a day.      

“His health is fine, he is strong,” said Um Oeung.