'Wolf Girl' puts a brave face on it

Doctors tried to remove the hair with laser treatment but it quickly grew back

She gets teased as the Wolf Girl or Monkey Face but 11-year-old Supatra Sasuphan from Thailand says that being given a Guinness World Record - as the world's hairiest girl - has helped her become popular with her schoolmates.

Supatra is one of just 50 known sufferers of Ambras Syndrome - caused by a faulty chromosome - to be documented since the Middle Ages, the UK Daily Mail reports.

She has thick hair growing over her face, ears, arms, legs and back.

Even laser treatment has failed to stop the hair growth.

In other ways Supatra is the same as other children her age - she loves swimming, dancing to her favourite music and playing with friends.

While she hopes for a cure one day, she says: "I'm very used to this condition. I can't feel the hair as it has always been like this".

She intends not to let her condition hold her back from living a full life.

"I like to study maths so I can be good at it and teach it to younger children so they can do it too.

"I want to become a doctor so I can help patients when they get injured."