Leave her she doesn't know anything, Mncube told cops

Girlfriend of Meyiwa trialist tells court how he saved her from arrest

Pathologist will be next to give evidence in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial

Mthobisi Mncube, one of the accused in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, in the Pretoria high court. File photo.
Mthobisi Mncube, one of the accused in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, in the Pretoria high court. File photo.

The prosecution in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial will on Tuesday lead evidence on Meyiwa's autopsy after kicking off the week with testimony from a former landlord and girlfriend of one of the accused.

Mthobisi Prince Mncube, one of five accused, was arrested in 2015 by police investigating a taxi-related shooting. Officers found an unlicensed handgun and ammunition in his rented room in Malvern, Johannesburg. 

Kagiso Tefu said they were in a new relationship and had only started living together shortly before he was arrested. 

She took the stand after Mncube's former landlord Chipane Lesley Kgaphola, who said Mncube had asked to rent the room with immediate occupation, paying the month's rental of R1,600.

Tefu, who stood while giving testimony, said she recognised Mncube in the accused box. She knew him as Mthobisi but could not recall his surname.

They met at a friend's parental house in Tsakane, Springs, on January 3 2015. Mncube, who was in a green car with his friends, asked for directions to a school in the area.

Tefu said they ended up “hanging about with them” and later left to braai meat.

“Accused 3 (Mncube) showed interest in me and proposed a relationship. After braaiing, we left with them to Johannesburg,” she said.

Tefu, who worked in Woodmead when she met Mncube, said she had been looking for a place to rent to be closer to work. Mncube suggested they look for a place together and live together.

After finding a room at Kgaphola's house, Mncube moved in with the help of his friend on January 26 2015.

“I was at work and [Mncube], with the assistance of his friend, moved his furniture to the rental place.” 

Tefu said she gradually moved her clothes there. But then police came to arrest Mncube.

Tefu said in the afternoon on February 9 2015, she and Mncube were walking towards the gate where they lived when a red car driving at a high speed stopped next to them.

She had been returning from work in the company of Mncube who had fetched her at the bus stop.

“They stopped where we were and quickly alighted the vehicles, carrying firearms. They pointed [the firearms] at him. I was trying to move and they said I should stand right there and put the plastics down. They instructed him to lie down and searched him,” Tefu said.

She said there were three officers, two men and a woman.

Tefu said she was pulled aside by the woman officer who told her Mncube was wanted for murder.

Mncube was searched and handcuffed. When the two male police officers searched the room, they found a gun and a box.

She said she didn't know what was inside the box.

When asked who the gun belonged to: “I said I didn't know but he kept quiet.

Leave this one, she doesn't know anything.
Mncube to cops about his new girlfriend

“Then they said 'we are going to arrest both of you'. That's when he said 'leave this one, she doesn't know anything'.”

After his arrest she continued living at the rental until November or December.

Tefu said at the time she met Mncube he had braided dreadlocks and an injury on one of his arms.

The defence had no cross-examination for Tefu.

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