Serial killer Ndlovu caught with phone in her cell

Serial murderer to face correctional services disciplinary after being caught with mobile phone

09 July 2023 - 14:05
By Jeanette Chabalala
Convicted serial killer Rosemary Ndlovu has been found in possession of a cellphone in prison and will now be charged.
Image: Thulani Mbele Convicted serial killer Rosemary Ndlovu has been found in possession of a cellphone in prison and will now be charged.

Convicted serial killer and former police officer Rosemary Ndlovu has been charged by the department of correctional services (DSC) after being caught with a mobile phone in her cell.

Ndlovu is serving six life sentences at the Johannesburg Prison (Sun City) for orchestrating the murder of her partner and five relatives to claim insurance payouts. 

She was found in possession of a cellphone during a search in her communal cell on Thursday night. The search came after a tip-off.

According to department spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo, after the discovery Ndlovu refused to reveal the phone’s password to prison officials. 

“Knowing the profile of this inmate, we have to understand what she was doing on the phone and who she was contacting and what they were discussing. We were lucky to find it in her possession in a communal cell where inmates would normally point fingers at each other when such a discovery is made. The phone has been taken to our forensic guys, who will easily open it,” said Nxumalo.  

He added that inmates found in possession of cellphones are charged in terms of Section 23 (1) of the Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998.

“They are then reprimanded accordingly, a process which may involve a withdrawal of privileges for a specified period, reclassification (downgrade) and other punitive measures. DCS is working towards achieving contraband-free centres, hence different measures are being employed by means of removing all illegal items in our centres,” Nxumalo said.

In October 2021 Judge Ramarumo Monama of the high court sitting in Palm Ridge handed Ndlovu six life sentences for killing his six relatives in order to benefit from insurance claims totaling R1.4m. She was also convicted of attempted murder, fraud and defeating the ends of justice. 

Monama found Ndlovu guilty of the murders of Madala Homu, 2, Audrey Ndlovu, 3, Hangwani Mabasa, 9, Zanele Motha, 10, Mayeni Mashaba and Brilliant Mashego.

Ndlovu was filmed by an alleged hitman while plotting to kill her sister, her sister’s children and elderly mother.

She is expected back in court this week to face a charge of consipring to kill her colleague’s husband.  

Its alleged that Ndlovu was assisting her former police colleague, Nomsa Modau, to arrange for hitmen to kill Mudau’s husband.

They allegedly offered the hitmen R80,000 for the job and promised to pay the outstanding R70,000 after the insurance payout.

Its alleged that the hitmen told Mudau’s husband, Justice Mudau, about the plot to kill him.  

Mudau reportedly wanted her husband dead as he was problematic and was cheating on her.

Justice later opened a case against his then wife and Ndlovu, and the pair was arrested.