WATCH | Services, jobs and land — Here’s what the EFF and DA promise in their election adverts

The EFF has promised land and jobs in their election advert.
The EFF has promised land and jobs in their election advert.
Image: Ziphozonke Lushaba

It’s two weeks until SA heads to the polls for the local government elections and in an effort to sway their votes, the EFF and DA have launched official election advertisements.

In his party’s advert, shared on social media, DA leader John Steenhuisen said voters will have the opportunity to unseat local governments that don’t deliver in the upcoming elections. In the ad, he can be seen standing on the Langkloof road on the border between the Eastern and Western Cape. 

“On election day, voters have a choice to make and it’s a simple one: am I happy with the way my town or city is being run or do I want something different, something better? Because that’s what local government is all about. Who do I trust to deliver services?” says Steenhuisen.

The EFF advert re-enacted scenes seen in July during the unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The party is calling for land expropriation, 24-hour clinics, jobs and government response to gender-based violence.

A burning tyre and young people protesting in their graduation attire, demanding jobs set the scene for the advert. The party used an actor to narrate their election manifesto to different scenes.

“When you vote EFF, you vote for yourself, your land, your jobs, manje! (now)," says the actor.