Cop arrested for molesting victims - while 'investigating' their rape cases

Free State police captain resigns after arrest for 'victimising the victims'

12 November 2020 - 16:34
By Staff Reporter
Police watchdog unit Ipid has arrested a police captain accused of sexual assault, rape, extortion and fraud. 
Image: Olga Yastremka/123rf Police watchdog unit Ipid has arrested a police captain accused of sexual assault, rape, extortion and fraud. 

A police captain accused of sexually assaulting a child while asking her if she missed her rapist is now under arrest over this, as well as several other charges, including rape. 

The officer, who was based at the family violence, child protection and sexual offences (FCS) unit at the Mafube police station precinct in the Free State, also allegedly sexually extorted women linked to alleged rapists, saying he would drop the investigations.

This is according to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid), which said on Thursday that he allegedly even reoffended while being out on bail in a previous charge.

Ndileka Cola, Ipid spokesperson, said the captain was arrested for rape on September 22. He was released on bail three days later.

On October 28, he was rearrested for allegedly raping another two women and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl, who were victims of rape, while he was investigating their rape cases.

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The allegations against the captain, according to Ipid, are:

1. He was assigned to investigate the rape case of an 11-year-old girl, but subjected her to secondary victimisation and trauma

The victim and a friend intended to give him their statements about the original rape case. However, he left the friend with the cleaner before entering his office with the child.

“As alleged, he fondled her breasts, buttocks, vagina and rubbed her vagina while asking her whether she was aroused and whether she missed her rapist.”

2. He demanded sex from the girlfriend and sister of a man accused of rape

He allegedly offered to release the boyfriend if the girlfriend had sexual intercourse with him.

“The victim eventually agreed. However, the police officer opposed the suspect's bail application and it was denied,” said Ipid.

The policeman subsequently met the man's girlfriend in town, and gave her a lift. Along the road in a remote farm area, it is alleged that he demanded sex again. She refused. He allegedly stopped the vehicle on the side of the farm road, undressed her, masturbated and ejaculated on her.

He then allegedly demanded sex from the suspect’s sister, again offering to ensure that her brother could be released from police custody. “She refused, stating that he demanded sex from the victim, who is the girlfriend of the accused, for the same reason. She [did so] but still he opposed bail application.”

The family of the suspect sought the help of a legal representative, and the suspect was released on bail.

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3. He accosted a rape victim and forged an agreement to drop her complaint

A woman had reported being raped by two men, one of whom was arrested after she identified him.

Ipid said when she was meant to make a statement to him, the officer “allegedly flashed his penis at the victim, stating that he wants to have sex with her”. After she refused, he drove her to a rural road, where he sexually accosted her.

Adding insult to injury, he then allegedly tried to make the charge go away against the man who had been arrested in her rape case.

He stands accused of compiling a withdrawal statement and forging her signature.

4. He faces another charge dating back to 2001

Ipid said he is also facing a charge of rape dating back to when he was investigating a robbery case against a woman's brother.

“He allegedly went to pick up the victim for her statement regarding the robbery case against her brother. He then drove to the farm road, where he parked the vehicle on the side of the road, ordered the victim to take off her clothes and raped her.”

The captain was served with a letter of intention to suspend him, said Ipid. However, he submitted his resignation letter after his arrest on charges ranging from rape to extortion, fraud, forgery, as well as grooming and sexual assault. 

He applied for bail earlier this week, but remains in police custody for now as the matter was remanded to November 16 at the Frankfort magistrate's court.