'It was like Texas': Addo guest house robbery victims describe bullets flying

20 October 2020 - 10:32
By Michael Kimberley
Five people at a bed and breakfast outside Addo were robbed by five suspects wearing balaclavas on Friday night. File photo.
Image: 123RF Five people at a bed and breakfast outside Addo were robbed by five suspects wearing balaclavas on Friday night. File photo.

The man shot in the stomach at a bed and breakfast guest house outside Addo in the Eastern Cape on Friday threw his brandy and Coke at one of the balaclava-clad men just before they robbed him.

As he hurled his drink at the man, another assailant shot him in his upper stomach — just missing some of his vital organs.

Five people — including the owners of the Eastern Cape establishment — were seated in the braai area of the guest house at about 8.30pm when one of them noticed the five suspects crawling on the ground towards them.

“I didn’t realise they were armed. I tried to get the first guy with the glass but instead ended up getting shot by another person on my right,” the victim, who does not want his identity revealed, said.

The man said it took him about 45 seconds to realise he had been shot.

“I had [slumped] over and then stood up. I then realised something was not right and made my way back to the braai area.

“It was a home invasion as they came to steal stuff. It just did not go their way.”

Asked what it felt like to be shot, he jokingly said: “It is lekker. You should try it sometime.”

He said this was the first time he had been shot and he had no intention of being shot again.

“Seriously though, it is a strange feeling.”

He was discharged from hospital on Monday.

The robbers fled after a guest opened fire on them when they tried to accost him.

The armed guest was grazed by a bullet during his firefight with the gang.

The robbers managed to steal a laptop, a wallet, some jewellery, a handbag and a cellphone before fleeing.

A case of attempted murder and house robbery is under investigation, according to police spokesperson Sgt Majola Nkohli.

The owner of the guest house said her husband had spotted one of the men crawling in the grass.

“The rest of us were busy talking while he was braaiing. After they were seen they rushed towards us,” she said, also declining to be named.

She said after her brother was shot in the stomach they were told to lie on the ground.

“We were two men and three women. They took the jewellery off our fingers. It all happened so fast.”

She said the men then wandered off and came across a guest.

“Suddenly we heard gunshots going off. It was like Texas. Our guest had a gun which we did not know about.”

She said the guest managed to get off three rounds, scaring the intruders away.

“He has since left as he was scheduled to do so. If it was not for this guest who knows what could have happened.

“It was a home robbery. They were there to rob us and got interrupted. We just want to move on and get over this ordeal.”

Nkohli said: “Police are urging anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact the Addo police.”