WATCH | Eskom CEO: 'Load-shedding risk until September 2021'

11 August 2020 - 15:05
By Anthony Molyneaux

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter revealed that SA will be at “residual risk” of load-shedding until September 2021.

Speaking during a live stream report on the current state of Eskom to the Cape Town press club on Tuesday, De Ruyter said: "We want to avoid load-shedding and this is not something we do lightly.

“I am personally involved in the decision to impose load-shedding, and I assure you it is a decision we take as a last resort to protect the national grid.

“There will be a residual risk of load-shedding until September 2021 as we conduct our maintenance programme [over the next year].”

De Ruyter reported some of the difficulties the state-owned entity faces include more than R30bn in debt owed by 20 municipalities.

“If we stay where we are, we will go out of business,” he said. “We have very substantial issues we face, like the debt of R450bn we currently owe.”

De Ruyter also discussed a five-point plan to attempt to bring Eskom back to profitability.