EFF outlines plans for 'decolonised' private school for poor black kids

28 April 2020 - 08:59
By Kgothatso Madisa
EFF leader Julius Malema
Image: EFF South Africa via Instagram EFF leader Julius Malema

In five years' time, the EFF plans to open a private school dedicated to providing talented, poor and mostly black students with world-class and decolonised education.

Named after late Struggle stalwart, the Winnie Mandela Combined School will be a world-class school for poor black students who will be taught about black history, culture and languages.

The concept of the free, world-class school was first announced by party leader Julius Malema at the closing ceremony of the party's National People's Assembly at Nasrec, Johannesburg, in December, where he was re-elected.

He used his Freedom Day message yesterday to provide more details into the concept of the school, revealing that it will be independent of the EFF and that they have found land to start building soon.

Malema said they wanted to move away from the current schooling curriculum that consistently made poor black students hate everything about blackness while praising whiteness.

"Over the next five years we will work day and night to establish this school along the values of decolonisation and socialism.

"It will be an independent school from EFF with its own independent and highly qualified board of trustees.

"Its admission policy will be based on prioritisation of poor orphans who lost their parents to HIV and Aids, poor victims of domestic violence and the poor in general."

Malema and the party's spokesperson did not say whether the school would be a "blacks only" school but only said that it would prioritise poor children.

As it stands, the country's constitution does not allow for exclusion of anyone based on race.