Shark attacks surf ski paddler at popular East London beach

This surf ski was attacked by a shark off Nahoon Reef on Day of Goodwill.
This surf ski was attacked by a shark off Nahoon Reef on Day of Goodwill.
Image: 123RF/ Marc Henauer

Nahoon Beach has been closed to beachgoers after a shark attack early Thursday.

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality said at about 7am, a shark attacked a surf ski off Nahoon Reef.

“The paddler is fine with no injuries,” the city said in a statement.

" ... The beach will remain closed as a safety precaution.”

City officials will monitor the area.

Earlier this week, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) appealed to beachgoers to only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards.

“NSRI are appealing to parents and caregivers to ensure that while their children are swimming they have responsible adult supervisors that are not distracted and are dedicated to supervising the children while they are in the water,” said spokesperson Geoff McGregor.

In the Eastern Cape, McGregor said a shark warning remained in place at Oyster Bay, between Tsitsikamma and St Francis Bay, where a whale carcass washed up on the rocks at the hamlet's main beach on Thursday.

“Plettenberg Bay lifeguards assisted by NSRI Plettenberg Bay cleared bathers from the water at beaches in the Plettenberg Bay area after a three-metre great white shark was spotted approaching a bathing area on Tuesday morning. Beaches were reopened after an all-clear notice and lifeguards remain vigilant.”

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