ANC to offer funeral policies to members and supporters

Paul Mashatile

The ANC will soon be offering its own funeral policy scheme for the benefit of its members and supporter base, the party announced on Thursday.

In a statement, ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile said members and supporters would be approached to join the scheme, which the party promised would provide competitive rates and offer unique features.

"Some of these features include grocery vouchers on the annual anniversary date of the individual policies, automatic settlement of the annual ANC membership fees, free publications and a citizens' advice desk.

"The product includes funeral cover for the whole family and for a small additional premium the extended family can be included as well. Various packages have been designed to accommodate both the movement’s entry level and more affluent members," Mashatile said.

To enable members to get the personal attention and help they deserve, Mashatile said the product would be promoted via various marketing channels, including call centres, on social media and through individuals dispatched to the various ANC offices throughout the country. 

"The initiative is motivated by the desire to ensure that ANC members and supporters are, after a lifetime of sacrifice and under conditions of ever-escalating costs attached to the funeral industry, able to provide for a dignified burial of their loved ones," Mashatile added. 

The treasurer-general said the in-house nature of the scheme had, by reducing the external intermediary fees, enabled the ANC to provide a cost-effective scheme for the benefit of both the movement and its members.