Mabuza could soon replace Ramaphosa as president - says Malema

02 July 2019 - 14:58
President Cyril Ramaphosa might soon be replaced by his deputy David Mabuza.
Image: Antonio Muchave President Cyril Ramaphosa might soon be replaced by his deputy David Mabuza.

EFF leader Julius Malema has cautioned that deputy president David Mabuza may well be the incoming president if President Cyril Ramaphosa is fingered for wrong-doing in the R500,000 Bosasa investigation by the public protector.

Malema said Mabuza was the cleanest among the ANC top six officials with "no tangible" evidence to back up allegations against him.

For this, said Malema, South Africans may have to prepare themselves for a presidency led by Mabuza as "it is unlikely that Cyril will finish his term".

Malema accused Ramaphosa of disrespecting the remedial action of Busisiwe Mkhwebane against minister Pravin Gordhan, adding that a R400m money laundering investigation, also by Mkhwebane, may complicate the president's stay in office.

Said Malema: "Every turn we take we call DD [Mabuza] corrupt but there is nothing tangible that I have ever touched against the man, not even intelligence stuff. I have never in my entire life in politics but there is something tangible against Cyril, there is R500,000 and R400m in the account of CR17.

"Can you say that about DD, no one can. With DD, it is all toilet rumours because if you repeat those in a proper platform, DD would take you to the cleaners and you cannot succeed.

"I am giving you examples about possibilities if ... the current president goes down because the likelihood is that he may not finish his term, things are looking extremely bad. He has to pray to a living God for him to pass this which he is confronted with," Malema added.

"The reality is that if the man goes down you may have to prepare yourselves for a president called DD Mabuza because there is nothing against him while I have something against all others."

Malema joked that even the "green thing" Mabuza is alleged to use can no longer be used against him.

"Even those green things are now allowed in your private houses so you cannot disqualify him saying he takes the green stuff. It is allowed at home, no problem. Everything that you were using against DD is falling apart, the man is fast approaching because the president is in big trouble."