Jacob Zuma's 'Mabena' story has Twitter in a tizz

25 June 2019 - 12:39
By Cebelihle Bhengu

Former president Jacob Zuma's video in which he tells of an encounter he had with a "Mabena" has left Twitter in stitches.

On Monday evening‚ Zuma returned to Twitter after two weeks to share how he was allegedly provoked by an apartheid police officer during questioning.

"That Mabena video reminded me of the one time we were detained at Hercules Police Station‚" read his caption.

Telling the story‚ Zuma said he and two comrades were arrested in 1963. He said he was questioned by two police offers‚ one white‚ the other black.

"I sat on a chair and there was a table in between. He asked me some questions and I tell them‚ of course I am a young fellow and I am very cheeky. This warder asks me a question and I repeat the question‚ so I get angry and I responded violently too‚ and he gets angry."

As the warder reacted to his anger‚ Zuma stood up and asked him in Afrikaans what he was saying‚ allegedly referring to the officer allegedly using the k-word‚ said Zuma. The black officer‚ who was interpreting‚ apparently panicked and asked Zuma what he was saying to his "baas".

The "Mabena" Zuma refers to in the video is the black officer‚ who "sabotaged" him.

Who is Mabena?

Two hilarious videos of what appears to be a South African National Defence Force (SANDF) training session went viral on social media two weeks ago. One of the trainees‚ referred to as Mabena‚ falls behind during the sessions‚ which include wall-climbing and running.

Mabena either slows down or is the last to reach the finish line. The person taking the video is heard saying‚ "Mabena‚ please disappoint me again‚ I knew it Mabena".

Source: TMG Digital.