Over 500 arrests and 65‚000 fines issued on country's roads since start of Easter weekend

21 April 2019 - 13:16
By Ernest Mabuza
Image: 123RF/ scanrail

Traffic officials have arrested more than 500 motorists and issued more than 65‚ 000 traffic fines since the start of the Easter holidays.

“Preliminary statistics reported to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) by provincial authorities indicate that 549 motorists have been arrested so far with 312 of them caught for driving under the influence of alcohol‚” the transport department’s agency responsible for road safety said in a statement issued on Saturday.

The RTMC said the roads were extremely busy on Thursday and Friday when motorists set out on their long distance trips.

“A total of 92‚629 vehicles were recorded as having passed the tollgates on the N3 between Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday. A total of 51‚647 were recorded on the N1 between Gauteng and Limpopo on the same day.”

The RTMC said authorities staged 79 roadblocks on different routes and issued more than 65‚000 traffic fines.

“Most fines were for speeding‚ driving without licences‚ driving unlicensed vehicles‚ failure to wear safety belts and driving unroadworthy vehicles‚” the RTMC said.

Gauteng traffic police said during the same period‚ its officials arrested 68 drivers for driving under the influence‚ 19 pedestrians for being on freeways‚ seven drivers for excessive speeding‚ one person for bribery and one person for fraud.

Gauteng traffic officials issued 334 fines during this period and discontinued 16 motor vehicles.

The RTMC said the highest speed recorded was on the N14 in Gauteng where a motorist was detained for travelling at 196 km/h.

“Traffic authorities are now gearing themselves up for another upsurge in traffic volumes when travellers return from different places of pilgrimage and holiday spots on Monday.”

The RTMC urged motorists to plan their return trips carefully‚ with regular stops along the way to avoid fatigue.

Source: TMG Digital.