Johan Booysen's first day at the Zondo commission in five quotes

17 April 2019 - 17:43
By Odwa Mjo
Former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks head Johan Booysen at the state capture inquiry ahead of his testimony on Wednesday.
Image: Alon Skuy Former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks head Johan Booysen at the state capture inquiry ahead of his testimony on Wednesday.

The former head of the Hawks in KwaZulu-Natal, Johan Booysen, appeared before the state capture commission on Wednesday to give his testimony on allegations of corruption that occurred during his tenure. 

Booysen's evidence focused on allegations involving KZN businessman Thoshan Panday. Here are five quotes from Booysen's first day in the hot seat. 

Captured individuals implicated in his affidavit 

"Certain elements within law enforcement and the National Prosecuting Authority have been captured - for reasons of own interest and in other cases to promote or follow a particular agenda or narrative." 

His unblemished record in law enforcement

"I have no doubt in my mind that the trigger for the change in my experience in the police came around 2010, when I initiated a corruption investigation into the business of a wealthy businessman in KwaZulu-Natal by the name of Thoshan Panday and his links with certain senior police officials."  

Panday investigation

"It was clear that there were some irregularities in [SAPS] supply chain management at provincial level in KwaZulu-Natal. The indications were that all transactions - during the World Cup period, preceding the World Cup, even after - just about every transaction had gone through the books of one particular businessman in KZN, which was Thoshan Panday."  

Panday's transactions 

"It just looked odd and suspicious. Blankets, television sets, accommodation. For example, the Hilton Hotel is about two blocks from the police headquarters. When a senior officer from police national head office had to come and visit in KZN, although the hotel was two blocks from where we were, they still went through the books of the businessman [Panday] in Umhlanga Rocks." 

Phone call from KZN provincial commissioner Mmamonnye Ngobeni 

"She was irritated and she said to me: 'Johan, what’s this investigation you're busy with?' I started explaining but she kept on interrupting me. She said to me, 'No, we already have these problems at Mountain Rise police station. We're just going to embarrass the police more,' and that 'You must stop the [Panday] investigation.'"