Job 'probation' for 10 years - Worker has missed out on bonuses and salary increments

Nhlanhla Xaba said his work situation affects his health and private life./ MDUDUZI NDZINGI
Nhlanhla Xaba said his work situation affects his health and private life./ MDUDUZI NDZINGI

When Nhlanhla Xaba was hired as a cleaner at Zola Community Health Centre in Soweto and placed on probation, he hoped he would be a permanent employee within a year.

Ten years later, the 37-year-old father of three is still on probation.

Xaba told Sowetan he was overlooked for bonuses and salary increments because he was not a permanent employee.

He said he brought the matter to the attention of the facility manager on several occasions to no avail.

"People who were employed five years after me earn more than I do. I am treated like I arrived there yesterday while people complete their probation in 12 months," Xaba said.

"They do not evaluate my performance and because of this I do not get annual bonus."

Xaba said he was being remunerated on the 30th of every month compared to his colleagues who receive their salary on the 15th.

He said his efforts to get assistance from the district office were fruitless.

"What is owed to me must be paid. I raised my problem with management at the centre and at district to no avail."

Xaba said he was instead victimised by his managers.

"My supervisor has been threatening me and I reported the matter to managers but they did nothing. Every time I raise issues in meetings, I am being targeted. There were instances where I stayed for 30 days without a salary because I was sick and had exhausted my leave days. I demand to know why I am treated differently compared to other employees."

Xaba said the treatment he received from work affects his health and private life.

"My blood pressure is always high. My partner left me when she learnt that my colleagues receive bonuses and I claim that I do not get it. She believes I have been lying to her," Xaba said.

"I now live alone and I hardly see my children. I am always stressed and yet my supervisor expects me to be productive."

Johannesburg health district chief director Mogeru Morewane said they would investigate the matter.

"The management was not aware about this matter. Mr Nhlanhla Xaba will be involved throughout the process."