Why do women make excuses for cheating men?

Women continue making excuses for cheating men.
Women continue making excuses for cheating men.
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I'm going to make this clear from the word go: I think some men are just trash and women should stop making excuses for them.

Okay now that we've established which side of the fence I'm on‚ let me substantiate why I think this way.

Over the past two weeks Kardashian fans across the globe have been glued to their news feeds to catch the latest update on the Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.

But just in case you haven't been following the fiasco‚ let me quickly balance you. Khloe's fiancé and basketball player‚ TristanThompson‚ was caught on camera at a bar in New York getting some serious tongue action from a woman.

To add even more flavour to the mix‚ Khloe gave birth to their daughter‚ True‚ last Friday and it was reported that Tristan was by her side during the birth.

Fans on social media were immediately split into two camps as they unpacked the scandal. There was the 'Men Are Trash' team & then there was the 'Karma Team'.

Those in the karma camp essentially believed what was happening to Khloe was a simple case of‚ "what goes around‚ comes around". Remember those reports that Tristan left his pregnant ex for Khloe?

While I do believe in the law of karma‚ when it comes to cheating‚ I think some men are just wired the way they are and cannot remain faithful.

I think the reason why most of us were so fired up about the scandal was because it happens right in front of us on a daily basis‚ and not just in celebville. I have seen more than a few friends get caught in the vicious and messy cycle of forgiving a cheater over and over and over again.

And‚ the ironic part is that women across the world‚ across the racial spectrum‚ from different religions and from varying ages get caught in the same trap.

A few weeks ago‚ I was having a conversation with a friend who knows a middle-aged woman‚ who was clearly being cheated on but chose to turn a blind eye to it. In this particular case the couple had been dating for almost a decade‚ but it was evident that the man had no intention of giving up that bachelor life.

The woman suspected he had been cheating for years but never really paid enough attention to it‚ until one day she found female products in her man's bathroom.

The guy apparently spun her some story about it being samples that were given to him at the shopping mall. Samples? Wow! And the bottles miraculously opened themselves?

The episode of the opened female products suddenly sparked something in the woman and she remembered how the guy would only take her to the last movie at the cinema‚ the secretive cellphone calls and the weekend work trips where there was "no cellphone reception."

Also‚ in this case‚ after being together for almost a decade and the guy still hasn't put a ring on it and has no intention of sharing his life with her completely‚ should set off alarm bells. Surely?

But did this lady dump his a**? No. After a few weeks they were back together.

Who knows why women accept being cheated. In fact‚ some women even go to great lengths to make excuses for their guys.

Even though it's not right‚ financial or other circumstances force some women to stay in such situations. But then what's Khloe K's reason?

Some women believe their man "can change" and be "rehabilitated". You know‚ like the way a car can be fixed. Sorry ladies‚ I just don't believe it.

Like I said at the start‚ some men are just trash and there is no excuse for cheating on your pregnant fiancé‚ just like there is no excuse for raising your hand to a woman.

Come on girls‚ isn't it time we stop accepting and encouraging this trash behaviour? I think so.

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