Sun City mop up team clears Valley of the Waves for visitors

16 December 2018 - 10:09
By Staff Reporter
Hail storm strikes Sun City resort December 15, 2018
Image: Ben Karpinski ‏via Twitter Hail storm strikes Sun City resort December 15, 2018

The Sun City central precinct and the Valley of the Waves will be open today for day visitors and hotel guests, the resort confirmed on Sunday morning.

Mop up crews were hard at work after a severe hail storm and flash flooding affected the resort on Saturday afternoon.

Visitors at the Sun Central family and entertainment precinct, and in ground floor hotel rooms, had to be evacuated due to the severity of the storm.

Thabo Mosololi, Chief Operating Officer, said in a statement that by midnight last night, the resort had estimated the number of rooms affected as 80 rooms at the Soho Hotel, 40 rooms at the Cabanas, 30 at the Cascades Hotel, 26 at the Vacation Club and 20 at The Palace.

Sun City said immediately after the storm, the resort’s emergency services were on the ground to estimate the damage and its mop up crews were working to ensure that normal operations could resume as soon as possible.

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