1.3-million litres of alcohol seized by cops last year – and other useful police facts

Police seized 1.3-million litres of alcohol last year.
Police seized 1.3-million litres of alcohol last year.

Ever wondered how much drugs and alcohol the police confiscate annually? Or how many police stations and cars there are? What about the number of police officers?

These‚ and other figures‚ are contained in the recently released SA Police Service annual report for 2017/18.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key numbers‚ as at the end of March this year:

- There was one police officer for every 375 South Africans. This is down from one police officer for every 369 citizens in 2016/17;

- They had 48‚337 vehicles‚ 1‚040 motorcycles‚ 49 aircraft‚ 136 boats‚ 2‚681 trailers and 142 forklifts to serve 1‚146 police stations;

- The average reaction to Alpha (crimes in progress) complaints was 17 minutes and 11 seconds‚ 20 minutes and 42 seconds for Bravo (crimes that have taken place) complaints and‚ 18 minutes and 47 seconds for Charlie (less serious crimes‚ such as loitering) complaints;

- The police made 1‚610‚782 arrests‚ including 1‚123‚968 for serious crimes. This is down from 1‚626‚628 arrests in 2016/17;- They seized 216-million kg of cannabis‚ 864‚451 mandrax tablets‚ 392‚945 kg of crystal meth‚ 77‚444 kg of cocaine‚ 546‚500 kg heroin and confiscated 1‚294-million litres of alcohol;

- There were 10‚853 peaceful protests‚ and 3‚540 “unrestful” ones;- More than three-quarters of the budget (77.4%) was spent on the salaries of 193‚297 employees; and- The police searched 6‚048-million cars and had 33‚558 roadblocks.