WATCH | Mpumalanga pupil assaults bus driver while vehicle is moving

18 September 2018 - 18:11
By Naledi Shange
A pupil has assaulted a bus driver while the bust was moving.
Image: 123RF/ nito500 A pupil has assaulted a bus driver while the bust was moving.

Another shocking incident involving a school pupil has surfaced – this time involving the on-road assault of a bus driver.

Footage of the incident has gone viral‚ and was shared on social media by education department spokesman Elijah Mhanga on Tuesday. The video shows a Mpumalanga learner throwing punches at a bus driver while the vehicle - which is filled with schoolchildren - is in motion.

The video starts off with the learner‚ clad in school uniform‚ pointing at the bus driver in a confrontational manner. Other learners are heard heckling the driver‚ saying he should stop the bus.

The driver‚ seemingly an elderly man‚ reaches his hand out to the learner in a bid to stop him as he comes in close. The youngster then slaps the man.

He manages to stop the bus as the learner gets on top of him‚ pinning him down to his seat‚ while he punches him numerous times on his chest and upper body. Other learners are heard screaming as the man is beaten.

From the 29-second-long footage‚ it is not clear how the altercation ended.

Mhlanga posted the video on his Twitter page and said the learner had endangered the lives of all the other pupils on the bus.

"Nobody seems aware of the catastrophe that may occur. The violence is shocking‚" Mhlanga said.

He said the learner was a 19-year-old pupil from Hoerskool Oosterland.

"The Mpumalanga education department has condemned the behaviour of the learner‚" Mhlanga said‚ adding that an investigation would determine what action would be taken against the learner.

The Mpumalanga education department said: "This is a societal issue. We need all hands on deck‚ the ship is sinking. Parents can be more involved‚ visible and active in their children's education and recreation. It can't be just teachers only. We need long term inclusive and proactive methods to bolster what is in place."