Power 98.7 fires JJ Tabane as ‘Power Perspective’ host

18 September 2018 - 17:30
Talkshow host JJ Tabane
Image: FILE Talkshow host JJ Tabane

Radio station Power 98.7 on Tuesday confirmed that JJ Tabana has been removed as host of the ‘Power Perspective’ show.

The decision comes after Tabane was suspended earlier in the month after his name was mentioned during the ongoing inquiry into alleged state capture.

At the time‚ the station said that it wanted to investigate allegations “which were raised within the context of the ongoing debate around state capture‚ linking him to alleged improper conduct emanating from his association with former minister Faith Muthambi”.

It accused Tabane of making pronouncements on the situation on ‘Power Perspective’ that he had not made to station bosses during an earlier meeting - and this with him having “assured the station manager that he had made full disclosure of all material facts pertaining to the matter”.

In Monday’s statement‚ station manager Bob Mabena said that the decision came after the station promised to apply its mind to the matter.

“As a trust-anchored platform that disseminates and facilitates critical national conversations‚ Power 98.7 strives to ensure that such conversations are conducted authentically‚ truthfully and credibly. We have considered the events that led to his suspension as well as the subsequent developments and have decided to terminate our relationship with Mr Tabane on September 18 2018‚” Mabena said.

He continued that the “main issue” was that Tabane had “committed serious material breaches of the provisions of our independent contractor agreement rendering it impossible to continue a contractual relationship with him”.

“We have notified Mr Tabane that his agreement with Power 98.7 is terminated with immediate effect‚” he said.

Attempts to contact Tabane were not immediately successful.

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