Granny killer's victims 'too weak to lift a plate of food'

Serial killer Kershwin Goldstone.
Serial killer Kershwin Goldstone.

Kershwin Goldstone will spend his adult life in a cell‚ isolated from society‚ as punishment for the three lives he took in cold blood.

The self-confessed serial killer – who stabbed and strangled Patricia O’Connor‚ 92‚ Roland Heathcote‚ 89‚ and Patricia Tugwell‚ 89 – had a coldness in his stare as Judge Piet Bezuidenhout handed down three life terms on Wednesday.

“He is someone who needs to be removed from society for a long time‚” the judge said in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

“The crimes were heinous. The offender was a mature young man who robbed and killed to satisfy his own desires. Such conduct cannot be tolerated and the court must send a clear message to those like-minded individuals that this will be dealt with severely.”

The 22-year-old addict had stalked old-age homes in the Pietermaritzburg city centre‚ breaking into retirement lodges to steal. All so he could feed his insatiable appetite for the therapeutic high that came with smoking crack cocaine.

It was chasing this high that drove him to murder – his victims too frail to fight back. Some‚ said Bezuidenhout‚ were “not even strong enough to lift a plate of food”.

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