'ANCWL has lost its character'

10 August 2018 - 10:37
By Neo Goba
ANC Womens' League President, Bathabile Dlamini.
Image: MASI LOSI ANC Womens' League President, Bathabile Dlamini.

The ANC Women's League (ANCWL) has been criticised for not having any planned major events for Women's Month in August.

Professor Susan Booysen said the league has lost its character as a result of poor leadership.

"The ANCWL has no defined and articulated plan; they just don't instil confidence that they are leading on women's issues. The ANCWL is a very sad organisation because they don't have a systematic programme for women's issues. They need inspiring, charismatic leadership," she said.

Minister of Women Bathabile Dlamini, who is also president of the ANCWL, attended the government's event in Western Cape yesterday.

Booysen said the league's voice was found wanting in issues facing women.

Her sentiments were echoed by Professor Somadoda Fikeni, who accused the league of having the interest of internal factional battles in the ANC at heart.

"The Women's League is no longer the Women's League that used to have muscle because it's been involved in ANC leadership politics over the years and then lost its distinctive identity.

"They have failed to support women because they were in certain factions and supported other women because they were in certain male-led factions," said Fikeni.

ANCWL spokesperson Toko Xasa yesterday said: "We have a month-long event but today we are combining all the women of South Africa.

"Issues of women are not confined to the Women's League, they are broader than you can think. Members of the league are also members of the population of South Africa."