'Sugar daddy sites' - most searched for term in SA

'Sugar daddy sites' - most searched for term in SA
laptop 'Sugar daddy sites' - most searched for term in SA
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South Africa has the highest search volume for the term "sugar daddy sites"‚ indicating that many appear to be on the hunt for a relationship with monetary benefits‚ an international study shows.

The report by Reviews.org said its team used Google Trends data to determine which "indulgent" topics people in 112 countries around the world are most likely to type into their search bar.

"Although SA's guilty pleasure is a bit embarrassing‚" the authors said‚ "our data revealed equally embarrassing online habits in many other countries."

"Adult content" is the leading choice of world wide web surfers in Jamaica‚ Bangladesh and Egypt.

Spanish-speaking countries love to swipe through Tinder and Grindr. These include those who live in Argentina‚ Chile‚ Colombia‚ Costa Rica‚ Ecuador‚ Mexico‚ Panama and Spain.

Gaming pleases many in Europe - uniting residents of Bulgaria‚ Denmark‚ Germany‚ and Sweden‚ who join forces to battle the Burning Legion and defend Azeroth in the online game World of Warcraft (WoW). Reviews.org said there are 41‚378‚754 gamers playing WoW on European servers - "that’s about 1.5 million more than the number of people playing on US servers". Eastern Europe‚ the Middle East‚ and Central Asia love Minecraft.

The US and UK are under the weather‚ says Review.org. "We’re not sure what’s going on in the US and the UK‚ but both countries share a tendency to consult online symptom checkers like WebMD often. Could it be that we don’t trust our doctors? Or maybe it’s because we just really dislike going to the doctor’s office? Either way‚ we hope residents in both countries are relying on qualified medical professionals to provide a final diagnosis."

"Conspiracy Theories" is the common search item for people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina‚ Croatia‚ France‚ Italy‚ Norway‚ Romania‚ and Slovakia. Review.org didn't uncover the reason for this‚ but comments: ". . . Something out there is making residents of these countries concerned that things are not as they seem."

Image: Reviews. org

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