Mom worried as two sons vanish - she suspects forex trading is behind it

A Diepkloof mother fears the worst could have happened to her sons who vanished two weeks ago after apparently having met with a forex trading investor.

Sheila Mogaila said Thabang, 28 and Katlego, 20, went missing two weeks ago. On the day of their disappearance Mogaila had asked them to take her car to Alberton to instal an anti-smash tint on the windows.

She said Thabang had previously asked her to invest in his project which he had been working on or help find someone to invest.

"I told him that I didn't have the money for that and that I would not ask anyone to invest their money in something I didn't know," said Mogaila.

Now she suspects her sons had gone to meet a potential investor in Pretoria.

"I tried to call them but their phones were off. Two days later, I went to the police station to report them missing. That is when Thabang sent a message that they were on their way home after concluding some business in Pretoria.

"We start thinking the worst with each day that passes. We just need them to get in touch with us or come back home."

Police spokeswoman Captain Phephi Matlou-Mteto confirmed a missing persons' report was registered at the Diepkloof police station.

"Unfortunately, we cannot open a case of a stolen vehicle without her consent," she said.