Beware catching an Uber ride today

03 July 2018 - 09:35
By Ernest Mabuza
 Uber app.
Image: 123RF/ Piotr Adamowicz Uber app.

Uber and Taxify operators on Tuesday vowed to shut down the app-based e-hailing operations in Johannesburg.

Drivers for the app-based taxi service were early this morning blocking pick-ups of passengers in Rosebank‚ Johannesburg‚ who were wanting rides from their colleagues who have not joined the protest.

At an assembly point in Zoo Lake‚ the taxi operators stopped some Uber and Taxify operators who used Lower Park Drive from continuing with their journeys‚ while they were transporting customers.

In three instances witnessed by TimesLIVE‚ the strikers took the phones of the taxi drivers‚ although they allowed the drivers to continue their journeys prior to returning to the assembly point.

This happened before 9am. Police then arrived to maintain order.

Vhatuka Mbelengwa‚ a spokesman for the general task team comprising operators from both platforms‚ said the operators wanted an increase in the fee they were receiving from both companies.

“For Uber‚ we want them to reduce the 25% they are taking.

“We also want them to stop getting more operators on the platforms as these are oversubscribed‚” Mbelengwa said.

Mbelengwa said they would ask both companies to also stop training new drivers.

“We want those who are currently working on the platforms to start making a decent living‚” Mbelengwa said.

He said the task team wanted drivers from both platforms to be offline on Tuesday as they planned to submit memorandums to Uber in Kramervile and Taxify in Bryanston.

There were over 200 vehicles at Zoo Lake.