Video of stripping Sun City inmate goes viral

A screengrab of an inmate stripping
A screengrab of an inmate stripping

A video of a female inmate at the Johannesburg Correctional Centre stripping naked while being recorded by her cell-mate has gone viral on social media.

The video, which circulated on WhatsApp on Monday, shows the inmate giving a full strip show, taking off her clothes and revealing all her body parts. She also appears to perform sexual acts, including licking her breasts.

Department of Correctional Services spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo confirmed to Sowetan that the inmates were indeed from the Johannesburg prison, also known by its nickname, Sun City. Nxumalo added that the department was "totally dismayed" by the incident.

"This matter was only brought to the attention of the department yesterday (Monday) and immediately an investigation was carried out."

Nxumalo said the investigation confirmed that the video was taken some time last year.

It is believed that the prisoner allegedly smuggled the cellphone inside the prison since handsets are banned in prison.

"This incident has exposed the dangers of having cellphones inside prisons.

"It is a criminal offence to smuggle a cellphone inside correctional centres and all that are involved will be facing intense disciplinary processes," Nxumalo said. He also apologised to the public for the incident.

"This type of conduct by inmates is unacceptable; we wish to apologise to the public and all those who have been exposed to the video footage."

Last year, male inmates at the prison's Medium B section were also treated to a strip show when scantily clad female dancers arrived to entertain them during Youth Day (June 16) celebrations. The group was adamant it was dancing not stripping.