Protest over housing erupt in Fleurhof

Protesters in Fleurhof in south of Johannesburg block the road.
Protesters in Fleurhof in south of Johannesburg block the road.

Protests have erupted in Fleurhof this morning where residents who illegally occupied unfinished mixed housing units are being evicted.

Residents of Meadowlands in Soweto have now blockaded roads leading into the Fleurhof with burning tyres and rocks. 

Mzwakhe Mkhize, a community leader said they are angry that foreign nationals have occupied some of the units while they have been placed on waiting lists for over 20 years. 

“We have been waiting for the government to allocate houses to us since 2000. We registered for houses between 1996-1999 but nothing has been done,” Mkhize said. 

He said things took a turn for the worse yesterday when they were evicted from the units. 

“We decided to occupy these houses because they are vacant. Nobody is living in these units and that’s why we decided to occupy them,” he said. 

“Right now there are foreign nationals who are living in these units. How were they able to live here while we have been waiting to receive houses. It’s not fair.”  

Selinah Ntlatlo, one of the protesting community members said the government should issue them with title deeds and allow them to occupy the units. 

“These units are now being vandalised because nobody lives in them. The government needs to allow us to move in because these units are being destroyed,” she said.