My crime is that I am black‚ says man in racist confrontation

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A video has emerged showing a white man involved in what looks like a racial attack on a black man in Pietermaritzburg‚ KwaZulu-Natal.

Thabiso Tshabalala says Richard Borain racially offended him without any provocation.

He said he was sitting in a car while his crew was up the mountain filming. He’d stayed behind to look after the equipment in the vehicle.

Borain had driven out of his house‚ seen the vehicle and started taking photographs. Tshabalala said he also started to take photos.

Tshabalala said Borain then reached down the side of his car and then came out swinging a machete and cursing: “I am tired of you f****ing black people.”

“I felt like my life was threatened‚” said Tshabalala. “I did not understand my crime. At the time it was the fact that I was a black man. It’s kind of hard. I was fortunate to record it and stay calm. I was nowhere near his gate and I was not a threat to him. I tried to stay calm; I just had to be the older one.”

In the video Borain can be heard shouting at Tshabalala‚ saying that black people are a problem.

“It’s a fact. Black people cause more f***ing s*** than the whole world. No‚ I have not accused you of anything‚” said Borain.

To which Tshabalala responded: “Why do you say black people are a problem. Like now‚ I parked my car here; I’m doing work for the department... Sir‚ I’m not in your property‚ I’m here. You came to me aggressively; I was sitting in my car minding my own business... You can’t say black people are a problem... it’s not allowed‚”

Borain raised his hands and said: “I can. I’ll tell f***ng Zuma ‘black people are a problem’. Let’s be honest‚ come on.”

When Tshabalala said that he had not been a threat to him‚ Borain said: “I didn’t say all of you.”

Then the rest of the crew returned. After they had explained to him what they were doing in the area‚ Borain said he was going to “drive away quite happy”.

Tshabalala told Borain that he had been racially offensive.

“Don’t be offended. You’re not one of them‚ obviously. You’re not one of the problem guys‚” Borain responded while walking towards his car.

When TimesLIVE contacted Borain‚ he said that he and Tshabalala had resolved the matter.

“We had a long chat about it today. We have actually resolved everything‚ so there is nothing much I can say. I am relieved and I think it’s fantastic that we could resolve issues. I apologised for the way I behaved and overreacted‚” said Borain.

But Tshabalala denied that they had “resolved” the issue but said that they had had a conversation about it.

“I called [Borain] to ask why he wanted to kill me yesterday. But I wouldn’t say it was resolved. I did it because I needed closure and to understand my ‘crime’. It’s not resolved; I have not accepted his apology‚” said Tshabalala.

He added that he was seeking legal advice. 

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