'Constables took part in looting spree'

30 April 2018 - 09:23
By Petru Saal
'Constables took part in looting spree'
Image: STOCK IMAGE 'Constables took part in looting spree'

Two police constables have been arrested after they were identified in a crowd that looted shops during a service delivery protest in the Northern Cape.

The pair were on duty during the alleged looting. They were found in possession of suspected stolen cell phones on Sunday‚ said police spokesperson Captain Olebogeng Tawana.

“The alleged cellphones were reported stolen from a local furniture store in Hartswater. The cellphones and many items including television sets‚ electric appliances were stolen during service delivery protests where looting was (the) order of the day. Two arrested police officers were also seen being part of community members who looted business premises in Hartswater and Pampierstad.”

They were arrested after Crime Intelligence‚ Counter Intelligence‚ the K9 Unit‚ Tactical Response Team‚ Public Order Police and Hartswater Police followed up on information that implicated them in the looting of businesses.

“One of the suspects was found with a cellphone in his possession‚ while other phone was found at the other suspect's house. The suspects were handed to the IPID for further investigation‚” said Tawana.