SA urged to pay homage to struggle stalwarts

27 April 2018 - 12:50
By Staff Reporter
Albertina Sisulu.
Image: Robert Botha/BD Albertina Sisulu.

Parliament’s presiding officers called on the nation to pay homage to the many struggle stalwarts as the country celebrated Freedom Day on Friday.

South Africans voted as equals for the first time on April 27‚ 1994.

“On that momentous day‚ we committed ourselves to building a South Africa which belongs to all who live in it‚ where all citizens would be equally protected by law‚ divisions of the past would be healed‚ the quality of life of all citizens would be improved and the potential of each person would be freed‚” said the presiding officers in a statement.

“Now‚ as we celebrate the centenary year of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela‚ the father of our nation‚ we also should pay homage to the many stalwarts of our struggle for democracy‚ such as‚ Mama Albertina Sisulu.

"They said it was time to tell the untold stories of the many courageous South Africans who made that first democratic election possible.

“It is also a time for us to recommit to doing more to tackle the still too pervasive poverty‚ unemployment and inequality still afflicting so many of our people. Addressing these ills decisively needs unity of purpose and cooperation from us all. Parliament‚ as the legislative arm of our democratic state‚ has a special role to play in achieving the South Africa for which so many sacrificed so much.”

South Africans were urged to “build on the legacies of Madiba and Mama Sisulu – so that we fully achieve the prosperous and caring society for which we cast our votes in that first democratic election 24 years ago”.