De Lille ready to fight 'unfair' no confidence vote

26 April 2018 - 06:34
By Nico Gous
Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille.
Image: TREVOR SAMSON/Business Day Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille.

Her boxing gloves are at the ready‚ and Patricia de Lille appears ready to fight - at least if a tweet in response to a vote of no confidence passed against the Cape Town mayor on Wednesday night is anything to go by.

In the tweet - captioned “Next round! Let’s go!” - she says “what is important is who gives the knockout” while brandishing a pair of black boxing gloves. In the background is a newspaper poster saying: “Don’t let racists speak for you.”

De Lille on Wednesday faced a vote of no confidence from the party’s Cape Town caucus. The motion was passed‚ paving the way‚ ultimately‚ for De Lille to be removed from her post.

She described the vote as being driven by the feelings of individuals and not the “public’s will”. She made the comment in a statement posted on social media in the immediate wake of the decision.

This vote could be the first step in De Lille being recalled or asked to resign.

DA MP Natasha Mazzone said on Wednesday evening on the Karima Brown Show on Radio 702 that De Lille had until May 2 to make submissions on why she should not resign to the party’s Federal Executive. . The Federal Executive will then discuss De Lille’s submissions and if it ratifies the vote‚ De Lille has two days to resign or her party membership will be terminated.

De Lille accused the DA caucus of voting with their “stomachs and represented their jackets”.

“I asked councillors whether they discussed the motion of no confidence and whether they had a mandate from their branches‚” De Lille said. “Councillors are not in Council as individuals‚ they represent their constituencies and I asked whether the councillors received a mandate from the people they represent.”

De Lille believes it is unfair that her name‚ integrity and reputation is “damaged and that I could not be allowed to defend myself publicly”.

Mazzone believes the vote by 138 councillors shows there is a “complete lack of confidence [in De Lille]”.

“The fact that Mayor De Lille in the public domain has made statements that amount to severe criticisms of the DA and the DA’s management of her case.”

De Lille told journalists on Wednesday she could head to court - which seems to be backed up by her boxing video.