PHOTOS | Total shutdown as Daveyton community demands decent housing

There's a total shutdown in Daveyton in Ekurhuleni as the community demands decent housing for shack and 'backyard' dwellers.

The protest, which started on Sunday night, has left workers stranded as there are no taxis travelling in or out the community.

Community wants the municipality to provide decent housing for those who have been on the housing beneficiary list since 1996.

They also demand that those who had to move out of their family homes due to domestic quarrels also be provided housing.

The protest will end at the Sinaba Stadium.

Here are some of their demands according to their official communique:

We the citizenry of Ekurhuleni, backyard dwellers and residents of Daveyton, we demand, decent houses for all who are:

1. Registered in the housing beneficiary list since 1996 onwards - with C form,

2. Approved subsidy,

3. Never applied before to be registered,

4. Born in Daveyton and living ina shack/room located in your family house backyard/sharing the family house with extended family, renting a room or shack (moved out due to family disagreements)