PE scuffle may result in DC for UDM's Bobani

PE scuffle may result in DC for UDM's Mongameli Bobani. Image: Sara Steiniger
PE scuffle may result in DC for UDM's Mongameli Bobani. Image: Sara Steiniger

United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa says he has 14 days to dec

ide whether any action should be taken against his party's councillor who allegedly manhandled a Cope MP during the drama that unfolded in the Nelson Mandela Bay council meeting on Thursday.

Cope MP Deidre Carter told the publication she was affronted by the conduct of axed Nelson Mandela Bay deputy mayor Mongameli Bobani‚ and that she had contacted Holomisa about it.

Holomisa said on Friday: "We have demanded a full report on the proceedings of yesterday’s Council and where necessary disciplinary action will be taken against Bobani’s behaviour in the said meeting of yesterday. We have 14 days to do so."

Carter said she was sitting in the public gallery when the incident occurred.

“He grabbed one of the chief of staff of the DA council. He started using the s-word and the f-word. I stood up and said to him ‘calm down’. He then grabbed me and knocked me with his shoulder.

“I then immediately phoned the general [Holomisa] and I explained to him this is what has happened. He then asked me to compile a report. The whole thing lasted about 20 seconds.

“I promise you that I have never ever seen such ill discipline. I actually told General Holomisa that you have such an amazing movement and this man is an insult to it‚” said Carter.

Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip tweeted about the scuffle: “This is what this UDM cllr has been doing from the beginning of this term of office. He intimidates‚ threatens and swears at people. Today he manhandled Hon Deidre Carter (Cope MP) and then sought to provoke me. All this is done with complete impunity.”

Holomisa meanwhile defended Bobani while slamming Trollip and the DA.

He said the Democratic Alliance leadership "claimed to be in possession of a prima facie evidence of corruption against Bobani. We said go & investigate and table ur findings in the council. They appointed PwC using millions of the City. Last year the final report was given to DA Leadership. Suspended staff members were return back to their positions. Report is silent on Bobani. The media & political parties have bn asking Trollip to make report available to no avail (sic). . . Can the forthcoming DA Conference force Trollip to publish the said final report especially that he used municipality’s funds. We have a right to know."

". . . Until that report is published‚ tabled in the council or the UDM is given the copy of the report‚ DA must forget‚ UDM will not vote with them. We r not your picinin boys‚" said Holomisa.

Tension between Trollip and Bobani raged for almost a year before Bobani was ousted in a motion of no confidence.

Earlier this month‚ Trollip tabled a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)‚ following its probe into irregular appointments of litter-pickers. He told a mayoral committee meeting that he was waiting for a private attorney to draw up charges before the report would be released to the media.