WATCH | Taxi passengers flushed down stream amid heavy floods

Generic image of a car driving through puddle of water.
Generic image of a car driving through puddle of water.
Image: 123RF/Dmitry Bruskov

As heavy rains caused havoc on Gauteng roads‚ causing sinkholes and power outages‚ officials have warned motorists to avoid driving through flooded roads. A similar warning was reportedly issued in Lesotho by their meteorological services.

But a video doing the rounds on social media showed that one taxi driver ignored this warning‚ driving his taxi straight into the water.

It seems people who were stranded on the one side of the river bank had anticipated that the taxi may not make it to the other side as a recording of the taxi's attempt starts even before the taxi starts moving.

The two-minute-long video‚ which has been doing the rounds on social media‚ shows the taxi driving on what seems like a low-lying bridge and then all of a sudden‚ it topples into the water on its side.

Seconds later‚ passengers from the taxi are seen in the fast moving waters as the person taking the video shrieks‚ calling on those on the other side of the flooded river bank to catch those who are now being washed away by the water.

Lesotho radio presenter Thuso Mosabala took to his social media page to say the incident happened at Thaba Tseka. He was said it was unclear whether there had been any fatalities in the incident.