'Two centres of power argument is immature', says Zuma

President Jacob Zuma.
President Jacob Zuma.

The argument that there cannot be two centres of power in the country argument is a 'very immature way of analysing politics', President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday in response to the ANC's decision to recall him as head of state.

Speaking to the SABC, Zuma said that he reminded the top six of how the term 'two centres of power' came about.

He told them that the term 'two centres of power' was used in Polokwane because the then president of the country Thabo Mbeki was contesting to be the president of the ANC for a third term.

This would then mean that Mbeki would remain ANC president, while the country is ruled by a separate leader.

"I don't think they understand exactly what they are talking about", he said.

Zuma argued that the current circumstances are not similar as he is not seeking a third term as either the president of the country nor that of the ANC.

He added that his only request had been to finish his current term.

"This time there are no two centres of power. It's a period, very short, 18 months as I say, wherein, the other one is finishing a five year period which is determined by the Constitution of this country. It's a very clear cut thing," he said.

"If you say that period where the one who's finishing his five years is two centres of power. I mean it's very immature politics of analysing."

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