Senior Joburg official axed over dodgy tender deals

12 January 2018 - 07:27
By Staff Writer
Image: STOCK IMAGE Handcuffs

A senior Johannesburg official has been fired after being found guilty of dishonesty and wrongfully influencing the allocation of tenders‚ the City said on Friday.

The official was responsible for trade and investment projects.

“The official engaged in private business without prior consent from the City‚ breached our code of ethics‚ influenced procurement decisions for their own benefit and acted against the interests of the City‚” the office of the MMC for Economic Development said in a statement.

The axing is part of an anti-corruption drive that the DA-led council has championed since taking power in 2016.

“Major steps have been taken over the past few months in combating corruption across the City. These steps include imparting a culture of accountability and responsiveness to those serving the people of Johannesburg‚” the statement said.