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Is free higher education possible – and what is decolonised higher education?

#FeesMustFall protests in SA led to the establishment of the Hefer Commission of Inquiry
#FeesMustFall protests in SA led to the establishment of the Hefer Commission of Inquiry
Image: Moeletsi Mabe

Is free and decolonised higher education possible in South Africa?

President Jacob Zuma has released the report of the Heher Commission of Inquiry into the feasibility of fee-free higher education and training in South Africa. This has intensified the raging debate about free higher education: while many agree with all or some of the recommendations of the commission, others hold a different view.

Some argue that free higher education is possible, while others say the government is obliged to balance competing national priorities and allocate resources proportionally. There is also the argument that free higher education should be a long-term goal as it is not ideal in the current economic climate. 

So, can South Africa afford free higher education, now or in the future? Where would the money come from? Is the current narrative for free higher education correctly told or is it flawed? If free higher education were to be offered, should it be for everybody or only for the poorest section of the population?

Furthermore, the student community and those supporting its call for free higher education have also demanded that higher education be decolonised. What do they really mean by that? What would a decolonised higher education system look like?    

Join facilitator Somadoda Fikeni and our expert panel as they discuss the possibilities of free and decolonised higher education in South Africa.

Date: November 30 2017

Time: 6pm for 6.30pm

Venue: Unisa Campus, Cape Town

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